RNC terror mouthpiece Himbara goes hammer and tongs at whitewashing a convicted terrorist

As it has become customary, RNC terror outfit member and mouthpiece David Murunganwa aka Himbara has a duty to exhaust every happenings in Rwanda to run smears against the Rwandan President for earning his monthly paycheque from his sponsor- Tribert Ayabatwa Rujugiro- a notorious drug kingpin wanted for various crimes. 

The weed-smoking bodach Himbara spins Rusesabagina’s release into a sort of “failure” to the Rwandan Government; but the failed academician omits the circumstances under which the convicted terrorist was released.

Facts about Rusesabagina’s release are irrefutable and available for public access. Those include terrorist Rusesabagina’s own penned letter pleading guilty, regretting his terrorist activities and vowing to desist from any sort of political violence in the future. 

Besides, other penalties imposed by the court such as compensations to the victims still stand. Rusesabagina and Co will pay over Rwf400 million to the victims of his terrorism which claimed 12 innocent Rwandan lives, maiming hundreds, looting and destroying property.

RNC’s frail drug-addict Murunganwa takes his small audience for a ride with cooked up figures suggesting that Rwanda’s budget is financed by foreign aid; what a joke! Verifiable statistics are in the public domain, Rwanda finances her budget to the tune of 80.05%  whilst aid, donations cover the remaining 19.05%. Himbara’s disjointed arguments are for the gullible’s consumption not the learnt.

Himbara should be ashamed by his tired chorus of travel advisories and sanctions against Rwanda that he had always sung since the arrest of terrorist Rusesabagina; those sanctions never saw the light of the day, in fact the US-Rwanda trade, political relations kept strengthening. 

Everybody understands that the month is ending and Himbara has to claim his payment; but sanitizing a convicted terrorist and boasting about Rusesabagina engaging in criminality again isn’t only laughable but also showcases the crude level of ignorance of the law and the threats that terrorism poses to humanity.

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