Rusesabagina’s release: Is his family signaling Hollywood to make another movie about him, i.e. “Commando: How Carine snatched Rusesabagina from Rwanda”?

The Rusesabagina cleansing campaign team is beckoning for yet another fictitious Hollywood movie, this time even more ridiculous.

A few days after Rwanda released terrorism convict Rusesabagina after his sentence was commuted following a presidential pardon, his family and friends are behaving like a company of circus performers.

It is rather funny when you remember that just the other day, they had reached the acceptance stage after realizing that their noise wasn’t having any consequence!

Now that Rusesabagina is released, thanks to the inherent benevolence of the Rwandan people, the family, and pseudo-activists have found their voices again!

Strangely, instead of using their voices to sing hymns of praise and gratitude to the Rwandan people, they are instead heaping credit to themselves for the release!

Content emerging from social media and some mainstream media in the US reminds one of the post-Vietnam war fictitious Hollywood depiction of American hostage rescue heroics!

However, once the hysteria dies down and people return to reason, whoever genuinely loves Rusesabagina will have to remind him of the letter he wrote pleading for clemency, which he admitted to the very crimes he was convicted for.

The best advice to him from family and friends should be to resist any temptation to even think about destabilizing Rwanda’s security in any way. They should convince him to retire in quiet reflection like he wisely said in his letter. It will be good for his health and well-being.

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