Himbara’s ramblings show someone who is calling for help from a place of depression and desperation

If a psycho analyst took a sample of Himbara’s catalogue of ramblings over the years and had a good look, he would come to the conclusion that there is unmistakable evidence of despair arising from depression.

The diagnosis would be that Himbara is sabotaging his own sanity by pushing his weakened brain due to drug over use to do things it presently lacks capacity to do.

His situation is made worse by the fact that his psychotic condition won’t allow him to self diagnose and stop overburdening his compromised brain.

Murunganwa’s condition is self-inflicted because his ramblings come from the pain he experiences from witnessing Rwanda take determined strides despite his prophecies of doom.

It is delusional for Himbara to continue harboring the belief that Rwanda was supposed to grind to a halt the moment he left.

The depression that is causing Murunganwa’s desperation arises from the fact that his drug inspired fortunate telling and diplomatic analysis skills keep disappointing him at every turn.

Himbara, through his dedicated social media platforms has for a long stretch of time made quite a number of sombre forecasts about Rwanda, but none – zero! has come to pass. Instead, Rwanda soars even more than before.

Nowhere has Himbara disappointed himself into embarrassment and depression through his insane conspiracy theories than what concerns the dynamics of Rwanda’s diplomatic relations.

You see, Murunganwa’s cardinal mistake is that he fails to distinguish between his wishes and the reality. At some point, he made a huge prediction that Rwanda was on course to permanent isolation from the rest of the world!

His latest ramblings about the visit by the President of Kenya to Rwanda only confirms the fact that Himbara has failed to learn from his numerous life failures. The assumptions he makes onlya shows a man who knows he should stop embarrassing himself, but his unstable ego won’t let him.

Indeed, “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar” because if Himbara’s memory had not been affected by the over us of psychoactive drugs, he would have remembered that President Kagame was the first EAC President that President Ruto received immediately he was sworn in as president of Kenya.

Because of the same effect of psychoactive drugs, Himbara remembers nothing about what he wrote in his previous ramblings before he embarks on scribbling his next gibberish.

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