Tshisekedi flushes peace process down the drain to give illegal armed groups a seat at the table

Whilst world, and regional leaders scratch their heads to find a lasting solution to peace in DRC, the Tshisekedi regime in Kinshasa is pulling in the opposite direction! What keeps shocking peace enthusiasts and friends of Congo is Tshisekedi’s zeal in wanting to keep DRC in turmoil.

The Kinshasa regime dropped a bombshell the other day by bringing armed groups under one umbrella, and baptized them “Reserve forces”. The same illegal armed groups that have paralyzed DRC for decades are now officially forces to reckon with.

It is evident that any efforts invested in fighting for the Congolese peace are down the drain, and the promotion of more terrorism and insecurity is what’s best for Tshisekedi.

For more than two decades, the DRC has been subject to marauding armed groups, bouts of civil unrest, and ethnic and political violence. The violence has cost hundreds of thousands of people, large-scale rape, and mass displacements. In addition to the violence perpetrated by the armed groups, the political environment remains tense and unstable.

Whoever was searching for the problem that has crippled DRC should not look any further because the Kinshasa regime is and remains that problem.

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