The earth is flat, and Rwanda is behind all DRC’s armed groups, according to Charles Emptaz

Rwanda has been the subject of yet another baseless and irresponsible allegation from the West; this time by Paris Match journalist Charles Emptaz, who seems more interested in peddling conspiracy theories than reporting facts. His recent article, entitled “Congo: Dive into the Blood Mines,” is sensationalist and misleading, relying on unfounded claims to attract attention. Instead of resorting to such cheap tactics, we should focus on the facts and leave the storytelling to authors of fiction.

Let’s start with the most preposterous claim in Emptaz’s article: The claim by Lieutenant-Colonel Guillaume Njike , who seems to have gleaned some tips from the realm of conspiracy theories. Referring to President Kagame as a “development dictatorship” is not only preposterous but also egregiously inaccurate. It’s akin to calling Mother Teresa a “charity tyrant”. The reality is that President Kagame’s efforts have worked very well for Rwanda, taking the country out of poverty and putting it on the road to prosperity. Nevertheless, it’s understandable that the Congolese may have a difficult time grasping this notion, considering their history of being governed by corrupt dictators who lined their own pockets at the expense of the Congolese people.

Now, let’s address the claim that “Rwanda is the driving force behind all the armed groups that destabilize DRC”. This accusation is so absurd that it rivals the notion that the earth is flat or that the moon landing was a staged event. With a whopping 266-armed groups operating in the DRC, both local and foreign, it is laughable to suggest that Rwanda has a hand in all of them. One must wonder what kind of substance Lieutenant-Colonel Guillaume Njike is inhaling.

In addition, it’s clear that Emptaz’s claims are more fantastical than the world of Harry Potter. He suggests that Rwanda’s success is solely due to the M23’s supposed exploitation of minerals, but there’s no evidence to support this wild accusation. Mining is a demanding and costly process that necessitates substantial investments, technical know-how, and infrastructure, none of which the M23 possesses. It’s as if Emptaz expects us to believe in a make-believe world where the M23 has a wand that magically extracts minerals with ease.

Let’s be honest here: the accusation that “Rwanda is supporting M23 rebels to exploit the DRC’s mineral wealth” is pure nonsense. There is not a shred of evidence to support this far-fetched claim. The truth is that Rwanda is fully committed to running a responsible and transparent mining industry. It has even taken the initiative to establish mechanisms that authenticate the origins of its minerals. One of such initiatives is the iTSCi (ITRI Tin Supply Chain Initiative), which was created by the UK tin industry organization to trace the path of minerals from the source to the smelters.

So, if Rwanda is going through all this hassle to ensure that its own industry is legit, why would they ever jeopardize their global reputation by supporting dubious activities in the DRC? The answer is crystal clear: they wouldn’t.

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